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Hupu News, October 19, Hebei China Fortune Xie Feng's father, Mr. Xie Hongjun, passed away on October 17 at the age of 91. The reporter Yuan Ye wrote an article that after the first stage, Xie Feng said to his father who was lying on the bed: "Dad, we have reached the top four and entered the championship group." Mr. Xie Hongjun exhausted all his energy to stand up to his son. Thumbs up, then fell into a coma. "虎报新闻,10月19日,中国河北财富谢锋的父亲谢宏军先生于10月17日去世,享年91岁。

Hupu News, October 19, Hebei China Fortune Xie Feng's father, Mr. Xie Hongjun, passed away on October 17 at the age of 91. The reporter Yuan Ye wrote an article that after the first stage, Xie Feng said to his father who was lying on the bed: "Dad, we have reached the top four and entered the championship group." Mr. Xie Hongjun exhausted all his energy to stand up to his son. Thumbs up, then fell into a coma. "

虎报新闻,10月19日,中国河北财富谢锋的父亲谢宏军先生于10月17日去世,享年91岁。记者袁野撰文说,谢锋在第一阶段后对父亲说:躺在床上:“爸爸,我们已经进入前四名,进入了冠军组。”谢洪军先生竭尽全力站起来为儿子。竖起大拇指,然后陷入昏迷。 ”

Suzhou, Taimei Xiangguli Hotel, Building 2, the team base of Hebei China Fortune Club in the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League.


At 7 o'clock in the morning on October 17, Huang Qingliang, assistant coach of the China Fortune Team, stood in front of Room 701.


He just knocked on the door, but there was no response.


Huang Qingliang knew that the team coach Xie Feng was in the room. Because more than two hours ago, Xie Feng was still sending a summary of the game with Evergrande that had just been sorted out, and Xie Feng should have fallen asleep soon.


After hesitating for a moment, Huang Qingliang decided to call the floor attendant to open the door, because at this time there is an important thing that must be told to Xie Feng immediately.


A few minutes ago, at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, Mr. Xie Feng's father and Chinese football star Xie Hongjun entered the emergency rescue procedure.


The doctor issued a critical illness notice, requesting that the family be informed immediately. The wife did not get through Xie Feng's phone, so she could only dial the phone to Huang Qingliang.


The waiter opened the door of Room 701. If it weren't for this, Huang Qingliang would never have the heart to wake up the coach who had spent almost the night looking at Xie Feng who was sleeping.


Xie Feng, who was awakened, immediately realized what had happened. After an hour, the most unwilling news came from Beijing.


Mr. Xie Hongjun passed away.


At the moment of parting, Xie Feng, his son, was not able to accompany the old man.


Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety are difficult to achieve. This is destined to be a regret for Xie Feng's life.


However, I believe that the father as a footballer will definitely understand his son.


With the team on one side and the family on the other, he can only make this sacrifice.


Back in time two months ago, Xie Feng led Hebei China Fortune into the Suzhou Division on July 19.


A few days later, his father was seriously ill with pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital.


At the beginning, it was only treated with drugs, but because the situation did not improve, the hospital asked whether to consider surgery.


The problem is that surgery has certain risks for the 91-year-old.


After discussing with the family, he finally obeyed Xie Feng's mother's opinion, not to have surgery for now.


Because the consideration at the time was that if Xie Feng returned from the competition zone after the first stage of the Chinese Super League was finished, he would still be able to see his father and give the elderly a comfort and support before surgery.


When my father's condition worsened, it happened to be the most difficult moment for the China Fortune Team in the first stage.


In the first 4 rounds, they only scored 2 points, and Xie Feng had a lot of pressure on his shoulders.


On one side, we have to consider preparations for the competition and daily training, on the other side is the old father lying in the hospital bed, who may be in danger at any time.


But at that time, Xie Feng didn't tell the team or the club about the fami亚搏彩票竞彩ly affairs, but just took it silently.


Every night, Xie Feng would call his wife and mother to ask about his father's condition. The answers are all: If you work at ease, your father will be able to wait until you come back.


The strength of his father was accompanying his son far away, and Xie Feng, who was carrying all the pressure, finally ushered in a wave of three consecutive victories in the sixth round, and the team began to come out of the trough.


After the victory over SIPG and the draw with Guoan, there were still 5 days left before the next round of the league because of the Football Association Cup.


The very few people who learned that Xie Feng's father was seriously ill advised him to take this time to return to Beijing, because Xie's condition was very bad at the time. If there is a real danger, it may be too late to go back.


In fact, at that time, some players from the team had briefly left the division because of the birth of a child.


But when Xie Feng asked his family, his mother, who was also an athlete, said very firmly: You can't come back at this time, the club will hand over the team to you, you have to work hard, and lead the team well. Important task.


At that time, Xie Feng's heart was very tormented. He knew that if his father was really in danger before the end of the first stage, he might not even see the last time.


But for the team, he chose to stick to his job.


God seems to be blessing the football father and son. After the first stage of the game, when he returned to Beijing, Xie Feng went directly to the hospital from the airport.


When he arrived at the hospital, Xie Feng discovered that his father was already in a semi-coma.


After the daily training during the eleventh period, Xie Feng will rush back to Beijing from Langfang, but the father who is getting sick can no longer communicate with his son in any way. To


The team's performance has become the most worrying thing before father parting.


Because the old Mr. Xie Hongjun, who was also a player and coach, knows the importance of performance to the team. This sentence also became the last memorial left by the father to his son.



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