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In May 2015, Klopp ended his 7-year coaching trip in Dortmund. During this period, the Yellow-Black Army, which was initially on the verge of bankruptcy, rose again under Klopp and won the Bundesliga title, and even reached the Champions League final in 2013.2015年5月,克洛普结束了在多特蒙德的7年教练之旅。

In May 2015, Klopp ended his 7-year coaching trip in Dortmund. During this period, the Yellow-Black Army, which was initially on the verge of bankruptcy, rose again under Klopp and won the Bundesliga title, and even reached the Champions League final in 2013.


However, entering the 2014-15 season, although Dortmund successively signed Immobile, Kanpur, Gentle, A-Ramos and signed back to Shaheen and Kagawa Shinji, the team unexpectedly collapsed since the beginning of the season. After falling into the relegation zone, he was dubbed "Love Fei De B".

然而,进入2014-15赛季,尽管多特蒙德先后与Immobile,Kanpur,Gentle,A-Ramos签约,并签下了Shaheen和Kagawa Shinji,但自赛季开始以来,球队却意外倒闭。进入降级区后,他被称为“ Love Fei De B”。

This was Klopp's last season in Dortmund, and even he himself could not explain what happened to the Hornet at the time. Before this season, Dortmund's main lineup only lost Lewand, but the departure of this shooter symbolized that the king's division built by Uncle Zha could not stop the disintegration ending.


So watching a disciple leave the team, Klopp left a classic quote: "The players could have been more patient, we can also become the greatest club, but their (leaving) decision is so sudden, we can’t Don’t face such a situation."


With the respect of Dortmund's senior management, Klopp ended the contract early and planned to return to the coaching post after a break.


However, the yellow and black career has brought Klopp not only frustration, but also the accumulation of confidence in his own coaching ability and style, and the extreme desire to start again.


So, when Liverpool’s invitation came in early October, Klopp accepted it without hesitation and joked at the press conference: “We signed the contract last night and woke up this morning, I am the head coach of Liverpool. Up."


However, in the mid-season suddenly entered the Red Army, Klopp took over more than just a "mess." At this time, Liverpool fell to 10th in the Premier League. Henderson, Sturridge, Firmino and many other players held up the free card. The first thing that Uncle Slag got was a page of injury list. .

但是,在赛季中期突然进入红军时,克洛普接管的不只是“乱七八糟”。此时,利物浦在英超联赛中跌至第十。亨德森,斯图里奇,菲尔米诺和许多其他玩家捧起了免费卡。炉渣叔叔得到的第一件事是伤势清单页面。 。

Not only that, Liverpool spent 300 million yuan in the transfer market through the high income left by Suarez, Sterling and others, but didn't want Klopp to face many disappointed players who were obviously inconsistent with their worth.


Considering the chaotic tactics left by the predecessor and the lack of time to rehearse the tactics under the intensive schedule, many experts have suggested that Uncle Zha chose the wrong team at the wrong time.


Just recalling that when Dortmund took over the bankruptcy crisis eight years ago, wouldn't the challenge that Uncle Zha faced greater? Therefore, to take over the Red Army, which is waiting to be flourished, may be upgraded from hard mode to normal mode. More importantly, the German coach is never obsessed with ease, but likes to challenge-Klopp believes that Liverpool is a brand new home to chase the championship.


Very similar, Mourinho also took over the Tottenham coach after the start of the season. At this time, it is still less than a year since he left the Manchester United coach, and he is also full of desire to prove himself again.


It seems that Tottenham had fallen to 14th in the standings at the time, but compared to the chaotic and seriously injured Red Army when Klopp took over, Tottenham, who retained the Champions League runner-up team last season, was more in terms of personnel reserves. Smoothly, and this summer also signed Ndombele, Loscelso, Sessegnon and other new aids, it can be seen that Mourinho at least chose the normal mode...


Klopp said modestly: "I will not sprinkle magic things on them like magic, and then say, ‘now you can play better’.


Players understand how to play, just create an environment where they can play well. "However, the progress of the players under Uncle Slag is indeed obvious to all: Henderson, who was nearly sold, became the leader on the field, Firmino developed a "shield striker" playing style, and Origi, who had returned from loan, became Mr. Big Scene. Milner also had a second spring, not to mention Coutinho, who played the best performance of his career under Klopp.

玩家知道如何玩,只要创造一个可以玩的环境。 “然而,在渣渣叔叔的带领下,球员的进步确实对所有人来说都是显而易见的:几乎被卖掉的亨德森成为了场上的领导者,菲尔米诺发展了“前锋”的打法,而从贷款中归还的奥里吉,米尔纳也有了第二个春天,更不用说库蒂尼奥了,后者在克洛普(Klopp)的职业生涯中表现最好。

As mentioned above, compared with Liverpool’s staff composition at the time, Tottenham managed to retain the team of last season’s Champions League runners-up this season, and there are strong new aids such as Loselso, and even the Dutch striker during the winter window of this season. Belvin.


Therefore, just as Klopp had just taken over Liverpool, it is Mourinho's and inevitable choice to inherit and stabilize the lineup left by his predecessor. Therefore, Mourinho said similarly when he took over Tottenham: "It is very attractive to me to work with these (Tottenham) players."


At the same time, the impact of the epidemic and other factors on the team's finances is obvious to all, which determines that the transfer market will tend to be cold this summer.


In this regard, Tottenham’s senior management asked Mourinho to rest assured that he would not listen to any offers made to key players this summer. This not only effectively stabilizes the core framework of the team, but also provides a solid plan for the future of Uncle Bird. basis.


Mourinho feels the same: "If we sit down and have a cup of coffee, I can give you a list of the best players in the world by position, but we need to start from reality, not too high."


It needs to be pointed out that Mourinho seems to have accepted the status quo of the team and effectively integrated with existing players, but the conflict in the Tottenham locker room was still discovered by the media. The typical problem is that after Mourinho joined the team There seems to be a dispute with French midfielder Ndombele-Ndombele only played 90 minutes under Uncle Bird. The "Team Daily" reported that the player has determined to leave Tottenham this summer.

需要指出的是,穆里尼奥似乎已经接受了球队的现状并有效地与现有球员融为一体,但是热刺更衣室中的冲突仍然被媒体发现。一个典型的问题是,穆里尼奥加入球队后,似乎与法国中场球员恩多姆贝勒-恩多姆贝勒发生争执,伯德叔叔下场仅打了90分钟。据《 Team Daily》报道,球员已决定今年夏天离开热刺。

Taking into account Mourinho's consistent controversial character, such as the open conflict with similar players Pogba during the Manchester United era, such an appearance naturally made the outside world sweat.


Of course, if you analyze Liverpool's winning lineup in the past two seasons, it has obviously changed from when Klopp took over the team.


Mourinho also pointedly said: "Four years, four seasons. Liverpool bought one of the best goalkeepers in the world, bought one of the best central defenders in the world, and bought a lot of A lot.” Just looking back at Liverpool’s nearly four years of “team building history”, all showed Klopp's perfect operation of turning corruption into magic.


The first is to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. In the face of the complex lineup left by their predecessors, senior officials such as Klopp and Edwards have shown patience and brilliant skills in handling players.


For example, Abby, who played only one goal in 41 league games, sold it to Bournemouth for 18 million, and Joe Allen, who had only one year left on the contract, sold it to Stoke City for 15 million. Benteke, who did not know how long he had opened the door, was sold. It was sold to Crystal Palace for 31.2 million. Ince, who played only 25 games in three years, was sold to Southampton for 22 million. Even Nicolas, who had delegated the reserve team, could also be sent to Crystal Palace for 28 million. (Note: If there is no special introduction in this article All in Euro).

例如,仅在41场联赛中只打过一个进球的艾比(Abby)便以1800万的价格将其卖给了伯恩茅斯,而仅剩一年合同的乔·艾伦(Joe Allen)以1500万的价格将其卖给了斯托克城。不知道他开了门有多久的本特克被卖了。它被卖了对水晶宫3120万。三年内只打过25场比赛的因斯就以2200万美元的价格卖给了南安普敦。甚至已经任命了预备队的尼古拉斯也可能被派往水晶宫,索价2800万。 (注意:如果本文中没有特别介绍,则全部为欧元)。

Followed by the wise eyes and beads! As early as in Dortmund, Klopp introduced Subotic (3.5 million), Hummels (4.5 million), Lewan (4.5 million), Kagawa Shinji (350,000), and Kyodoan at low prices. 4 million) and other masterpieces, and continued after he took over Liverpool, free of visas for Matip, Manninger, low-cost introduction of Robertson (9 million), Carrius (6.2 million), Kravan (5 million), Shaqiri (13 million) and other players have effectively supplemented the team lineup.

其次是睿智的眼睛和珠子!早在多特蒙德,克洛普就以低价推出了Subotic(350万),Hummels(450万),Lewan(450万),Kagawa Shinji(35万)和Kyodoan。 400万)和其他杰作,并在他接管利物浦后继续进行,获得了Matip,Manninger的签证,罗伯逊(900万),卡里乌斯(620万),克拉万(500万),沙奇里(1300万)的廉价引进)和其他球员有效地补充了球队阵容。

Not only that, Klopp also knew how to spend big money on the blade early in the team, and the key transfers were almost brilliant.


In 2016, Liverpool signed Mane for 41.2 million, which was seen as the beginning of the Red Army's radical improvement of the attack line; a year later, Salah joined with 39 million, and Klopp's frontcourt trident was quickly formed since then.


Among them, due to Salah's mediocre performance during Chelsea, Liverpool was questioned when this deal was born, but those critics have long since shut their mouths!


Again, it is to attach importance to youth training. Just as Dortmund excavated young talents such as Gotze, Schmelzer, Bender, etc., Klopp watched the U18 team non-stop after becoming the Liverpool coach, and played with youth team director Inglethorpe and U21 Supervisor Bill communicated closely.


Today, Arnold, who was excavated by him, has changed from midfielder to defender and ranks first in the world in the value of defenders released by "Transfer Market", which obviously saved the team a lot of transfer expenses.


In contrast to Tottenham, Chairman Levi was known for his "stingy". He saw Ndombele, who spent £54 million on the introduction of last summer, was ignored, and he was even less likely to invest money in the next transfer window.

与热刺相反,列维主席以其“ s”闻名。他看到Ndombele在去年夏天花了5400万英镑引进他时被忽略了,他在下一个转会窗口投资的可能性甚至更低。

According to reports, Tottenham’s top management has made clear the transfer policy: Unless Tottenham get a large amount of money through the sale of players this summer, there is not much budget for signings, and will only focus on the introduction of players on loan, visa-free or low-cost signing.


In this regard, Mourinho said, "fully support the club's senior management and the boss, we will improve our strength in our own way."


It's just that Mourinho, who has been in the transfer market frequently in the past, still can't hide his goal. "Do I think we will do nothing and keep the same lineup? The answer is no. If the team can improve two or three positions, I am completely open."

仅仅是穆里尼奥(他过去经常在转会市场上)仍然无法掩饰他的目标。 “我认为我们将不做任何事情并保持相同的阵容吗?答案是否定的。如果车队可以提高两个或三个位置,我就完全开放了。”

According to another report, Mourinho has told Levi to restructure the lineup. Players such as Ramsdale, Hoibel and Jin Minza are potential targets.

根亚搏彩票官网登陆据另一份报道,穆里尼奥已经告诉利维重组阵容。 Ramsdale,Hoibel和Jin Minza等玩家是潜在的目标。

It’s just that as mentioned earlier, Tottenham’s top executives will definitely not wave money to support like Manchester United and Chelsea did. Mourinho can only make money and save money like Klopp back then, and then talk about buying new aid. ...

就像前面提到的那样,热刺的高管们绝对不会像曼联和切尔西那样挥金如土。穆里尼奥只能像克洛普那样赚钱并省钱,然后谈论购买新的援助。 ...

It is not difficult to understand that when Liverpool encountered the biggest problem under Klopp, that is, when the defense of the 2017-18 season became a fatal weakness, it has become a rich man (Coutinho left high transfer income) Klopp did not hesitate and urged the team to sign the central defender Van Dijk for a record 83 million at the end of 2017: "I can imagine that some people think this is not a small number, but I don't think so, because the price is not ours. The decision is determined by the market. What we have to focus on is the player himself and see what he can bring."

不难理解,当利物浦遇到克洛普领导下的最大问题时,也就是说,当2017-18赛季的防守成为致命的弱点时,它已经成为一个有钱人(库蒂尼奥留下了高额转会收入),克洛普毫不犹豫并敦促车队在2017年底以创纪录的8300万美元签下中央后卫范·迪克(Van Dijk):“我可以想象有人认为这不是一个小数目,但我不这么认为,因为价格不菲我们的决定是由市场决定的。我们必须关注的是玩家自己并看他能带来什么。”

After Van Dijk joined, Liverpool dropped from 1.2 goals per game to 0.6 goals per game, but didn't want Carrius to perform a "super huge error" in the Champions League final a few months later. In the face of this weakest point, Klopp still did not hesitate and decisively signed Alisson for 72.5 million, breaking the world football goalkeeper transfer fee record.

范·迪克(Van Dijk)加入后,利物浦从场均1.2球下降到场均0.6球,但几个月后卡里乌斯不希望卡里乌斯在欧冠决赛中表现出“超大错误”。面对这一最薄弱的环节,克洛普仍然毫不犹豫地决定性地签下阿里森,并以7250万美元的身价打破了世界足球守门员转会费纪录。

Coming to the last round of the Champions League group stage last season, it was Alisson’s buzzer that escorted the team to the thrilling promotion. Klopp said after the game: “If I knew Alisson was so good before, twice the transfer fee would not be problem."


There is no doubt that Van Dijk and Alisson are the final pieces of Liverpool's dominance. It seems that Klopp paid a high fee for these two signings, but this set of correct operations verifies the magic of Klopp's ability to make money and spend money.


According to statistics, Klopp has bought 34 players and sold 32 players since he took over Liverpool, with a net investment of only 83 million yuan, an average of only more than 20 million yuan per year. According to statistics from the "transfer market", Liverpool's current players were worth 553.3 million when they were purchased, and now they are as high as 979.5 million, with an added value of 426.2 million ranking first in the world.


For the economical and reasonable and effective football miracle created by Klopp, the data of "Transfer Market" enters the 21st century. Mourinho has spent a total of 1.63 billion yuan to sign up, which is the highest in football. , Only Benitez signed more players (101) than Uncle Bird (99), but Bei Shuai only spent 825 million. Klopp only signed 69 players for less than 650 million.

对于克洛普创造的经济,合理,有效的足球奇迹,“转会市场”的数据进入了21世纪。穆里尼奥总共花费了16.3亿元人民币签约,这是足球比赛中最高的。 ,只有贝尼特斯(101)签约的球员多于伯德叔叔(99),但北帅只花了8.25亿。克洛普只签下了不到6.5亿的69名球员。

Therefore, Klopp's success is not only due to the huge investment in the introduction of two players, the operation, selection and even financial capabilities demonstrated throughout the period are worthy of respect and learning from Mourinho and even countless coaches.


Throughout the successful rise of Liverpool over the past four years, it is inseparable from the development idea that Klopp determined and continuously improved when he joined the team.


So, what about Mourinho? By the end of the season, Tottenham’s winning streak was indeed a good record, but the team’s so far "Mustrid's traces" have not only made fans familiar, but also made it difficult for the outside world to say anything new.


For example, in the 37th round of Tottenham's 3-0 victory over Leicester City, the possession rate of the whole game was only 29.5%, which is the亚搏彩票竞彩 lowest data in the history of Tottenham since September 2012. It seems that Tottenham won the game with Mourinho's style, but isn't such a conservative tactical concept one of the reasons why Uncle Bird has been criticized for coaching?


For Tottenham, who also entered the Champions League final last season, it is hard for the outside world to believe that Mourinho's tactical system of actively showing weakness and defensive counterattack can make the team rise in the fiercely competitive Premier League and even the European game.


As former Tottenham player O’Hara said, “The team seems to have no passion now, and the game process is very boring. When Mourinho first came, I was very excited. I thought the team was finally about to win the trophy. But they are not as good as watching a TV series now."


Of course, as a coach who took over the team after the start of the season, Mourinho obviously still needs time to polish the team to prove himself, at least before Tottenham completely change the controversial image left to the outside world, and use reasonable and effective tactics. The philosophy has led Tottenham on the right track: "I searched for Klopp. He went through eight transfer windows. Many players left and many players joined. More important than this, he took a long time to express himself. Philosophy, training methods and his journey."


What is worthy of recognition is that although Mourinho's performance in Tottenham's first season can only be summed up by "passing", his efforts and dedication have been recognized by the players.


Kane confirmed recently, "Mourinho was not easy when he first took over Tottenham, and now he has put his mark on the team." Lamela also said, "After Mourinho came, all aspects of the team have Progress has been made and he is pushing the team in the right direction."


"I always say that my ambitions are the same, and my DNA is the same." This is Mourinho, facing the championship road set by Klopp before him, he has never concealed his ambitions, "I am sure The thing is, we will do our best to improve what we lacked this season, because our goal is to get the club back to the Champions League."


- Mourinho probably knows well that Tottenham may be his last chance to prove himself.



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