GIRLS HS Midwest Rugby Championships

Site:    Moose Rugby Grounds
Location:    1500 CR 6- Elkhart IN 46514
Host:    Bart Bottorff
Contact:    cell# 574 340 9966
Format:    8 team bracket, set by MW committee and festival/open tournament
Date:    April 27-28, 2019

Welcome:    We would like to congratulate you and your team on making it to the Midwest HS Girls Rugby Championships. This is the best of the best in our region and you should be proud to represent your area. This event will provide a safe and fun weekend of great rugby competition. The event staff will provide top quality playing grounds, facilities and a first class event from start to finish. We require your support with following all the rules so this is a perfect experience for all teams. Please distribute the FACILITY RULES information to your team, fans & coaches, so when we tell mom she can't have her dog on site or dad he can't park on the grass, they are not surprised- thanks!

Facility Rules

NO ANIMALS-Dogs, cats, etc at any time.
No Grills or Fires

The Moose #599, the Rugby Grounds and its Sponsors will not be held liable for Damage, Property Loss, Injury or Death.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide a quality park, and setting for the game of rugby and other athletic events where athletes, coaches and spectators can thrive.

(Championship & Festival Brackets)

Gate & Entry: Upon check in your team will be given admission passes. All teams should check in for the first time at the front gate area only- and do so as a complete team.
One gate pass per CIPP listed player will be issued (plus coaches) during check-in. Players and coaches must present these passes to enter the facility at all times- no exceptions. All fans will be charged a $10.00 weekend pass fee.

Concessions & Restrooms: The Grounds has full on site concessions. Teams can expect a full hot menu and several cold drinks at reasonable rates. Restrooms are next to the concession area under the pavilion. Additional port-o-lets will be on the grounds too. Please use the restrooms.

Rugby Imports: Will again be on site for the entire weekend. Please support them and buy your rugby gear from them at this event and thru the season.

Teams Camp Sites: Please stick to the assigned site location as posted. Sites shown upon check-in. This helps us to find you if needed. Please clean up your site from all trash and such after each day. We may mow each night & turn on sprinklers, so please collect the trash and use bins.

Tents: Teams may order tents from AAYS Rental. They may only be delivered on Friday prior to the event as the host staff will be there to direct the tent company for set up locations. No team may erect its own tents without checking with host staff first due to irrigation line and past breaking of those lines by teams.
Tent rental- ASK FOR ED: ph# 574 256 1110
tent size/cost 10 X 10 $130.00, 16 x 16 $155.00, 20 X 20 $185
sides are extra-

Trainers-Doctor-Hospital: The event will have 3-4 medical trainers on site all weekend, as well as a doctor centrally located. See the medical tent for your needs. Pre-match taping is also available for no cost if you provide the tape. The hospital is 10 minutes away if needed and directions are at the medical tent as well as concession stand. Only referees will be able to call medical assistance onto the fields.

Ropes & Restraints: No players are to be in front of the ropes at anytime. Two coaches from each team will be allowed in front on each sideline, and one coach will be allowed behind each dead ball line(4 total coaches from each team). Coaches are expected to control players, fans and fellow coaches at all times. You must demand good sportsmanship, use of language, and behavior standards. Teams should occupy opposite sides of the fields during all matches.

Parking: There is paved parking in front of the facility for 300+ cars. There is also a back parking lot that fills quickly for another 200 cars. The drive between the fields will be closed for traffic. All gate traffic is walk-thru only. Your team bus should drop off and pick up in the front lot. Event security will direct traffic- please obey them.

Pre-Game/Warm-Ups: The festival field is often open for pre-match warm ups. If it is booked with a festival match, they have first right. Warm up at your discretion in other common sense areas. No warm-ups are allowed on the fields before any games. Also, team chants, field grinding should be done off the field playing area- not under the goal posts tearing up the ground.

Match & Event-Discipline: The referee will have the final say in all on field issues. Yellow and red cards will be reported to your local SRO. An issued red card is dismissal for the event. Local police will be on site for event security as well as event security-please obey their requests. Anyone can and will be escorted from the Grounds by police that is not acting in an orderly fashion. Teams are expected to control all fans, players and coaches at all times, and act with sportsmanship. Players caught stealing from vendors will be removed and prosecuted. That players team will also not be allowed to return for 2 years to the event.

Tournament game balls: are provided by Rugby Imports. If your team kicks one over the fence on the Red Field, the COACH ONLY near the road should get it- WATCH TRAFFIC- NO PLAYERS IN THE STREET PLEASE.

The games balls should be returned to the referee after each match.

Trash & Clean up: Please keep the grounds clean by using the trash bins. Your site is your responsibility to keep clean. Your union may lose a seed next season if your site is not clean each day when you leave the Grounds.

The Pavilion:    Seats about 200 people. It is not a dressing room or camp area. It is for vendors and for people to enjoy the concession area.

No Pets or grills are allowed into the grounds for the safety of others.

Play Area-Kids: There is a great play area for young kids. They must be supervised at all times by an adult. Also, understand that this area is near the field and balls do fly into the play area. As always, play at your own risk.

The Lodge: the Moose Lodge building or main building in front is a private club; you may not go into the main lodge for any reason. KEEP YOUR PLAYERS OUT OF THIS BUILDING. Thanks for your cooperation.

Team Check In- teams are required to do a formal player check. The following rules and criteria are very important, follow it exactly so all players are able to compete. You must schedule a formal time to check your team in with Midwest HS Chair Bob Cronquist Friday evening, or 2 hours prior to your first game. Check in at the front-main gate- where teams will be given entry passes to the facility.

*Bob Cronquist, HS MW Chair will do the check-in process.

Each player will show at check in, a single Xerox sheet with the following on it:

A) Picture ID (School ID preferred)

B) Proof of Insurance

Team Requirement The coach will provide a current CIPP listing off the web site as his team roster/check in sheet.

Coin Toss: will be done on the field prior to your game.

Match Subs: Your 7 allowed subs per game need not be declared- .

SATURDAY-Game times: are 25min halves due to the IRB rulings on maximum time allowed for Under 19 players to play in a 24 hour period. Overtime: go immediately to kicks. Select 3 players from the players on the field only, alternate team kicks from the 22 in front of the posts. After the 3 kicks from each team a winner is declared, if still tied, repeat after backing us 10 meters, in sudden death format with one new kicker each who was ended the game on the field during regulation. No additional game time can be played in any game due to IRB time regulations.

SUNDAY-Game times: are the same except for the championship match that will be 30 min halves. Teams may play 10 minutes of sudden death as overtime first Sunday- then go to the kick structure.

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